Ancient Oak Trees

More evidence of the 17th century can be see through ancient champion trees that can be found throughout Sowams. Some of the trees served a meeting spots for American Aborigine, such as the Council Oak in Dighton, MA.i Aboriginal families would gather acorns from the trees to grind into an edible flour for stews or bread.

A champion white oak sits next to Birch Swamp Road in North Warren not far from King’s Rock and Sachem Knoll.


Largess Forresty founder Matthew “Twig” Largess estimates the size of the tree at over 17 feet in circumference which would make it 300-400 years old.


Matt Largess and Helen Tjader examine another large white oak tree at the St. Andrew’s School farm in Barrington.


Matt measures this tree at roughly twelve feet in diameter and over sixty feet high at its crown.


Both trees are remarkably healthy and, if protected, could easily last a few hundred more years.

Click here to see photos of a Council Oak Tree in Somerset, MA that was trimmed in 2015.

Click here to see photos of the Newman Oak on Bridgham Farm in East Providence, also thorugh to be 300-400 years old.

The ancient oak tree in Warren is located along the eastern edge of Birch Swamp Road across from the Chace Farm.

The ancient oak tree in Barrinton is located on the farm land to the west of the St. Andrew’s School soccer field parking lot off of Middle Highway

Click on either map above to get a larger Google satellite map of the location.