American Indian special collection opens at the George Hail Library in Warren

(Above) Librarians Carol Gafford and Robin Fitzpatrick stand next to a new collection of books about American Indians now circulating at the George Hail Library in downtown Warren, RI. Carol worked with the American Indian Study Committee appointed by the Warren Town Council in 2020 to raise awareness of the history of the Pokanoket Tribe who inhabited Warren for over 10,000 years prior to colonization. Click here for a 6-minute video of Carol and Robin describing the collection.

(Above, center) Robin, the Library’s Museum Archivist, worked with Cataloging Librarian Diane Carlson to create new book plates and signage to draw patrons to the collection for the month of November, celebrated as National Native American Month.

The collection of 22 books was purchased from funds appropriated by the Warren Town Council and given to the George Hail Library. Each book has a spine label with and image of the 1621 Treaty coin so they can be readily identified. The plan is to purchase more books to gradually grow the collection.

The collection was announced at the start of the November Native American Month. (Above) Library Director Chris Matos ordered the books selected by Board Member Carol Gafford and worked with Robin Fitzpatrick to process the collection now available at the Library at 530 Main Street in Warren.