A video tour of the Pilgrim Hall Museum in Plymouth, MA

In early June, 2023, videographer Eric Schatzsucher gave a video tour of Pilgrim Hall, the oldest continually operated museum in the United States. Click here for the 13-minute video that he produced.

The tour included a metal helmet, officially called a Zischagge helmet, as well as a variety of items that came aboard the Mayflower, as well as a 1620 copy of the King James Version of the Bible that had first been printed in 1611.

Other items included a cradle that Susanna and William White brought from Holland for their second child, Peregrine, who was born aboard the Mayflower. Also pictured were pipe fragments donated by former Visiting Curator of MSS at Pilgrim Hall Museum, Jeremy Bangs, and the Allerton-Cushman Cup, made in 1608.

Also shown in the video were a metal breast plate that appears to have been dented by shot, a beaver hat made in England and attributed to Constance Hopkins, and a wooden sculpture of Tisquantum by L. Gaugen (ca 1880).