A “new London” on the Thames by CT State Historian Walter Woodward

On January 27, 2022, Connecticut State Historian, Walter William Woodward, kicked off the Thames River Heritage Park‘s free lecture series. “A Vision from the Past … a “new London” on the Thames” in which he shared the story of John Winthrop Jr., one of the most important figures in seventeenth-century English America. Click here for a 38-minute YouTube recording of his Zoom presentation.

(Above, left) Winthrop was deeply immersed in the study of paracelsian alchemy, the science of the time throughout Europe. (Above, right) He saw the Thames River area as the ideal place to locate a new city of London in the colonies.

(Above, left) Among his many business enterprises were attempts to establish an iron works, a resin and turpentine facility, a salt works, and a place to manufacture tools. (Above, right) Winthrop also served as a medical chemist and offered help to many who wrote him to request his help in treating many seemingly incurable maladies.