A Most Pernicious Affair: Conflict Between Native Americans and the Dutch 

The third video in a series about the earliest large-scale conflicts between Native Americans and European colonists in North America, and the sixth video in the early colonial debacles that disprove the myth of European military superiority series, was offered on July 14, 2023. Click here for the 47-minute video by Dave Roberts.

In this video, Roberts talks about the Lenape and Susquehannock Confederacies, the Dutch colonization of Southern New England, the harsh policies Dutch leadership imposed onto both Native American and Dutch colonists, and the disastrous defeats the Dutch suffered at the hands of the Lenape and Susquehannock Confederacies.

Roberts covers the Pequot War, the invasion of New Netherland in which Ann Hutchinson was killed, and the founding of New Sweden in March of 1638.

He concludes his presentation with the seizure of new Sweden by Peter Stuyvesant and a description of the Lenape Tribe today.