400th Anniversary of Winslow’s visit to Ousamequin commemorated in Warren

The American Indian Study Committee of Warren, RI commemorated the 400th Anniversary of the first visit of Pilgrims Edward Winslow and Stephen Hopkins to the Massasoit Ousamequin’s village in Sowams (now Warren) on July 3, 1621. (Above) Committee members John Mensinger and Dave Weed, artist Ruth Major, Pokanoket Tribal Historian Donald Brown, Jr., and Stephen Hopkins descendant Susan Abanor listen as Pokanoket Sachem Tracey Dancing Star Brown welcomes the crowd at the Baker Street Park where the event was held. Click here for a 30-minute video of the event and here for the Warren Times article.

Brothers Lee and Harry Edmonds of the Pokanoket Tribe get ready for the ceremony as people gather in the rain under canopies to listen to the presentations at the Baker Street Playground that features rocks marked with Native symbols close to the Massasoit Spring. 

(Above) Pokanoket Tribal Historian Donald Brown, Jr. and Stephen Hopkins descendant Susan Abanor read selections from Nathaniel Philbrick’s Mayflower that describe the trip that Winslow and Hopkins took from Plymouth to Warren in 1621. Susan and her friend, published an article about the trip, which they replicated in 2013 based on Maurice Robbins 1884 reconstruction of the route they took.

(Above, left) Sowams Heritage Area Project Coordinator Dave Weed holds a photo of the copper chain necklace that Winslow gave Ousamequin at that meeting as artist Ruth Major and Sagamore Winds of Thunder listen. Ruth presented the Sagamore with an identical necklace during the ceremony. (Above, right) RI Senator Walter Felag, Representative June Speakman, Jay Barry Cultural Arts Council representative, and Tony Guida, Treasurer of the Warren Preservation Society listen as Dave thanks them for their donations to the Project.

(Above) Hopkins descendant talks to Pokanoket Clan Grandmother Barbara Wamsutta Kurfis before Sachem Tracey Brown poses for a photo with her at the reception held at Maxwell House, home of the Massasoit Historical Association, following the ceremony.