Sowams Project leaders meet with Palmer River advocates in Rehoboth

Rock Singewald (pictured right) and Dave Weed (not pictured) of the Sowams Heritage Area Project Steering Committee met with (left to right) Dan Lanier and Carol Entin of the Rehoboth Land Trust, Whole Rivers Program Director Otter Brown, and Friends of the Palmer River President Katy Rourke Wilson on February 29, 2024 to consider the future creation of a larger permanent watershed council. (Also not pictured, Dave Evans, Vice Chair of the Rehoboth Land Conservation Commission)

Following a reading about the geomorphology and glacial description of the area, participants updated each other about the variety of projects that are underway in the Palmer River Watershed, including creation of a wetlands protection zone, salt marsh restoration, vernal pool protection, storm water management on paved surfaces, and removal of the Shad Factory Dam. Weed filled them in about the advantages of creating a new National Heritage Area in Sowams that includes the Palmer, Runnins, Ten-Mile and Kickemuit River watersheds. Additional information can be found on the Friends of the Palmer River Facebook page.