Sowams Project Coordinator Dave Weed continues monthly display at Mt. Hope Farmers’ Market

As he has for the past four years, Sowams Heritage Area Project Coordinator offers a display about the project at the Mt. Hope Farmers’ Market in Bristol, RI once a month. “This is a wonderful opportunity to talk with people about the project and to get feedback from the public about the Project,” commented Weed. “I not only meet people from the local area but students and faculty from nearby Roger Williams University and visitors from all over the country,” he added.

The Project was organized to determine if a National Heritage Area designation by the National Park Service would be feasible. A consultant group has been hired to assist with the process that is expected to take several years.

“There’s so much history in this area that is not well known and that should be made available to the public,” Weed said, and a Heritage Area designation would bring attention to the pivotal role that Sowams and the Pokanoket Tribe played in the origin of this country, a story that has yet to be told.