Papitto Opportnity Connection awards the Sowams Project $25,000

The Papitto Opportunity Connection (POC) provides grants, scholarships, and microloans to unique and narrative changing programs that are designed to create success stories for Rhode Island’s Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities.  On April 5, 2023, POC awarded the Sowams Heritage Area Project a $25,000 grant.

Papitto regularly has conversations, small and large, across the Ocean State in the neighborhoods where our investments can make a difference. By listening and doing our homework, we are better able to work with non-profit community organizations, individuals and entrepreneurs who have game-changing ideas that will benefit the BIPOC communities of our state.

Using a “Trust-based Philanthropy Approach” that is based on open, honest, and transparent communication their Board of Advisors consists of individuals entirely from Rhode Island’s BIPOC communities – African-heritage, Indigenous, Hispanic, Southeast Asian, and Southern Asian – each of whom provides a unique perspective on the needs of their communities.

POC is a private family foundation that does not accept donations from any individual or organization under the Internal Revenue Service Code. That means they don’t raise funds to support our work.   All of our funds come from our foundation.