Devil’s Rock shows mysterious footprints

Not far from Margaret’s Rock sits another massive outcropping in the woods in North Swansea. Rising to 66 feet at its top, it provides great views of the area when the leaves are off the trees. Click here for a 70-second video from a 2017 visit to the Rock.

(Above) Devil’s Rock contains several indentations that have been compared to the Devil’s footprints and hoofprints.

A large smooth area of stone at the top of the outcropping has been labeled the “Devil’s Table”. It was thought to have been used for signal fires by the Pokanoket Tribe who inhabited the area prior to the 1675 King Philip’s War.

Click on either of the above two maps for an enlarged view. The path through the woods can be found off of Bushee Road. Be sure to wear orange during hunting season.