RI Senator Jack Reed stops by Sowams Heritage Area exhibit at the Warren WalkAbout

Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed stopped by a sidewalk exhibit about the Sowams Heritage Area Project in downtown Warren during the WalkAbout event on October 23, 2022. Project Coordinator David Weed was on hand to greet the Senator who has been a big supporter of Heritage Areas. In their conversation,

Weed thanked the Senator for his interest in the Project and the attention that his Congressional Staffer Erin Arcand has paid to the current work on a feasibility study that is being developed with the help of the Point HDC national consultant team.

Reed commented that projects that help to correct the history of Native people, such as the Pokanoket Tribe, in Rhode Island are important for the public. The Project personnel are also in touch with the offices of Rhode Island Senator Whitehouse and Congressman Cicillini.