Ask Roger at the Captain Wilbur Kelly House

Life in New England was very different 350 years ago. Many things would seem almost alien to us, yet other things would be quite familiar. And here in Rhode Island . . . things are always a little bit different. Let’s face it, we were founded by an outlaw and have held the same respect for the law ever since. Roger Williams, portrayed by National Park Ranger John McNiff, was around to answer questions about himself, about life in general, and anything else that comes to mind. Join him in this 55-minute video taken at the Captain Wilbur Kelly House in Lincoln, RI on September 17, 2022.

(Above) Rhode Island Department of Education staff member Geralyn Ducady, Museum of Work and Culture employee Nancy Wedimont, and Tom Downes and his nephew Charlie listen to Ranger McNiff respond to their questions as Roger Williams might have 350 years ago.

Nancy Wedimont asks Roger to talk about some of his radical ideas that got him into trouble both in England and in New England in the 17th Century.

(Above) Ranger McNiff responds to questions from Blackstone River Watershed Council President John Marsland who stopped by the two-hour event held outside the Captain Wilbur Kelly House in Lincoln.