Sowams painting now on display at the George Hail Library in Warren

A large painting of “A Visit to Massasoit’s Winter Village, Pokanoket in Sowams, c. Fall, 1620” by Ruth Major is now on display at the George Hail Library in downtown Warren, RI. The painting was commissioned by the Warren Preservation Society using a gift from the Idalia C. Whitcomb Charitable Trust. The historical painting scene depicts a visit to Massasoit Ousamequin’s Pokanoket Village in October by Quaboag Nipmuc Sachem, Nattawayhunt and his family, all kin of Ousamequin on his mother’s side. Paniese (warrior-protectors and counselors) from both tribes keep close watch over the leaders and their families. The Pokanoket villagers will celebrate the arrival of their Massasoit’s guests and be treated to many gifts of food they bring, which are always shared with the community. Click here for more about the painting and the artist.