PointHDC chosen to consult on the Sowams feasibility study process

Point Heritage Development Consulting, LLC (PointHDC) has been chosen by the Sowams Heritage Area Project Steering Committee to consult on the Sowams Heritage Area Project feasibility study starting in July, 2022. The purpose of the study is to thoroughly ascertain the feasibility of the project first, before taking any further steps. The Committee evaluated the top two applicants for the job, including an on-line interview with Nancy Morgan, Augie Carlino and Peter Samuel on June 7, 2022 of PointHDC. “The choice was almost unanimous” stated Project Coordinator David Weed. “This group clearly knows what they’re doing and has the connections that will help us move this project along over the coming years,” he added. The first $25,000 for the project will come from a grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation under their Saving Places initiative that supports under-represented communities. Additional funding will be sought over the coming year to complete the study. [Pictured during the interview, left to right are: Andrea Rounds, David Weed, Charles Hartman, Andi Wheeler, Jim Moran, Laura McNamara, Nancy Morgan Augie Carlino, and Peter Samuel, all three from PointHDC.]