In small things forgotten: A tribute to archaeologist James Deetz

James Deetz was an archaeologist who was a pioneer on several fronts. He was one of the first to recognize the need to hear the voices of Native Americans and African Americans in archaeology and in historical interpretations. Click here for an 8 1/2-minute video tribute posted on December 9, 2022 by Giovanna Fregni. This […]

Weird Island Podcast gets the Thanksgiving story right

Sara E. Corben is the voice, researcher, writer, and producer of “Weird Island,” a podcast that takes listeners behind the scenes of Rhode Island’s quirkiest tales. On November 22, 2022, she wrote: “This week, as many get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, I wanted to revisit the story of the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving that […]

Dispossession: Indigenous Land Loss in Plymouth Colony with Dr. Jeremy Bangs

The laboriously inscribed, ink-stained title deeds tell the story the colonists wanted them to tell: the legal acquisition of thousands of acres of land, defensible in British law and their own ideas of legality. Deed expert Dr. Jeremy Bangs, author of numerous works on land sales, offers us his unparalleled knowledge of early New England, […]

Beaver full moonrise walk at Mount Hope Farm

To Indigenous people, the November full moon is known as the Beaver Moon. This was the time to set traps before the swamps froze to ensure a good supply of furs for the winter. That same moon this year was a beaver blood moon accompanied by a total lunar eclipse!  Traditionally, each full moon name was applied […]

Roger Williams University Co-Lab UNconference discusses missing Native voices

The Roger Williams University Public Humanities and Arts Collaborative convened “Hidden Truths: Telling New Stories About the Ocean State” on October 7, 2022 at the RWU Providence campus. This convening brought together organizations, scholars, practitioners, artists and advocates who are working to make hidden stories and histories more visible in the New England region for […]

Pokanoket Tribe participates in a Rhode Island Slave History Medallion Installation Ceremony

Members of the Pokanoket Tribe participated in a special Rhode Island Slave History Medallion Installation Ceremony on Sunday, October 2 in the Salem Family Auditorium at the Barrington Public Library. At the event, history students and graphic design students from Roger Williams University presented their findings of the town’s role in the transatlantic slave trade and stories of […]

Sowams Project was on display at Celebrate Seekonk Day

The second annual “Celebrate Seekonk Day,” sponsored by the Seekonk Cultural Council, was held on October 1st from 12:00pm to 4:00pm at the Seekonk Public Library. The goal of the event is to spotlight the often-forgotten history, rich culture, and current activities of the Town of Seekonk through a day filled with walks and talks, music, […]

Ask Roger at the Captain Wilbur Kelly House

Life in New England was very different 350 years ago. Many things would seem almost alien to us, yet other things would be quite familiar. And here in Rhode Island . . . things are always a little bit different. Let’s face it, we were founded by an outlaw and have held the same respect […]