September 2021

Puritan social gospel and the City on a Hill with Francis Bremmer

Amid the many discussions of whether John Winthrop’s call for the Massachusetts Colony to be a “city on a hill” was a claim for exceptionalism for themselves and a future America, not enough attention has been paid to what a “city on a hill” really meant in 17th-century New England. This talk by Dr. Francis […]

National American Indian Museum Visitor Services Specialist assists with search of Sowams artifacts

National American Indian Museum Visitor Services Specialist Melissa Bisagni was helpful in identifying dozens of Indigenous artifacts in their collection that originated in Sowams. Items from Bristol, Barrington, East Providence, Providence and Warren, RI that have been in the collection can be found by searching their on-line database. These items included glass beads, ornament fragments, brass spoons, pestles, cooking pots, pipe […]

Local historian searches for Native American past in Washington, DC

Armand Lione, an amateur historian who lives on Capitol Hill, believes very few Washingtonians stop to think about the Native Americans who once lived in what is now the nation’s capital. Sowams Heritage Area Project coordinator Dave Weed had a chance to meet with Armond on a recent trip to D.C. More than 400 years […]

Pokanoket paintings now on display at the Weaver Library in East Providence

Two paintings by artist Ruth Major were placed on display at the Weaver Public Library in East Providence, RI on September 3, 2021. Sowams Sowams Heritage Area Project Coordinator Dr. David Weed and Library Director Joyce May stand next to one depicting the Massasoit Ousamequin and the other the settlement where he lived. Today’s East […]