Native American History Of Massachusetts – Episode 1

The latest research and discoveries about the Paleolithic forebears of Massachusetts, through the Archaic and Late Archaic periods. Massachusetts is one of the richest places in North America for Paleo and Archaic settlements. Written and narrated by RG Cachat-Schilling, this 26-minute video examines the history of Native occupants of Massachusetts over the Paleo-to-Agro period, 14,000-2,000 yrs. BP. The video begins with a description of the Clovis culture that expanded into New England once the glaciers receded starting 12,000 years ago. Findings of Clovis spear points in Massachusetts confirm the presence of Native Algonkin speaking people in this region. The population moved from hunting and gathering to stable farming and fishing communities along the coast starting about 1500. Native populations continued to thrive until the advent of European infectious disease in the early 17th century.