Legacies of 1620 and the Mayflower: Native Americans of New England

America’s founding myth depicts the establishment of the Puritan colony, celebrated at Thanksgiving, as the point of origin of the country. The history of the indigenous peoples on whose lands the English moved are too often a marginal or a neglected part of the founding myth of New England and America. UMass Lowell History Professor Christoph Strobel focuses on a few select case studies, historic sketches, and biographies from throughout New England to explore the story of Native Americans in the region. His most recent book is Native Americans of New England. In his presentation, Professor Strobel emphasized Native American resistance, adaptation, and survival under often harsh and unfavorable circumstances. Professor Strobel concluded his talk by describing Native American advocates Joseph Nicolar and Gladys Tantaquidgeon and discussing the issue of cultural genocide through the system of Indian boarding schools. Click here for his 50-minute presentation within a 100-minute YouTube recording.