August 2020

The Mashapaug Village in the Nanhigganeuck Chiefdom

Mashapaug Pond is one the last surviving kettle ponds that once dotted the Providence area after the glaciers retreated. As a source of fresh water, the Pond was used by generations of Indigenous people for the past 10,000 years. There were nine principal villages throughout the Nanhigganeuck (Narragansett) Chiefdom, and Mashapaug was one of those villages. […]

Warren man rows to Newport to prepare for Roger Williams' anniversary row

On August 28, 2020, a 71-year-old Warren man completed a 25-mile row from Providence to Newport yesterday in training for the 350th anniversary of the August 8, 1672 trip that Roger Williams completed when he was 70. “I didn’t know for sure that I could make it,” remarked avid rower Rock Singewald, “but I’m glad […]

Ceremonial stones and aboriginal implements found in Sowams

In October, 1924, the Rhode Island Historical Society published an article entitled “The Implements Found in Rhode Island.”. It described a number of stone implements and tools that had been discovered across Rhode Island in the previous 200 years. Included were a soapstone “mask” carved into the bottom of a soapstone bowl found at Field’s Point in Providence […]

Pilgrim and Sowams Settler Hugh Cole

Hugh Cole was baptized on June 29th,1628 in Barnstaple, Devonshire, England and traveled with his family at age five or six from England to the Pilgrim settlement at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1631. As a six-year-old boy, he was paid 50 bushels of corn by the town of Plymouth for tending the cows of the townspeople. […]

Sowams Heritage Area Project now a Non-Profit Corporation

The Sowams Heritage Area Project has recently been incorporated with the State of Rhode Island as a non-profit corporation. Project Coordinator David Weed applied for the status in preparation for filing as a 501c3 tax exempt organization with the IRS. “This is an important step toward our goal of creating a National Heritage Area designation […]