On-line tour of Leiden includes a correction of the Thanksgiving story

The Leiden400 organization offered a four-hour on-line tour of locations and museums linked to the Pilgrims on May 16, 2020 in lieu of the original planned live tour that had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Jori Zijlmans, Curator of the Museum de Lakenhal, speaking about the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth said at  “. . . it was celebrated by the Pilgrims and also the Native Americans came along, the Pokanokets. . .”.rather than referring incorrectly to the “Wampanogs”, a name that was never used until 1702 to describe the people who the Pilgrims encountered. Her statement can be heard at 1:22:07 in the video. The tour also included a stop at “Smelly Ally” where Separatist William Brewster lived in Leiden and a stop at the Leiden American Pilgrim Museum and an interview with Curator and author Jeremy Bangs at at 1:48:22 whose recent text, New Light on the Old Colony, describes the history of the Pokanoket Tribe and their dealings with the Separatists who arrived at Plymouth in 1620. Bangs clarifies the difference between the use of the terms “Pokanoket” and “Wampanog” on page 658 in his book, Strangers and Pilgrims. Click here for the YouTube video of the tour that begins 19 minutes into the video.

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