Living Godly Lives: A Look at Puritan Morality

Dr. Francis J. Bremer, Professor Emeritus of History at Millersville University of Pennsylvania, and author of more than twelve books on Puritanism, examines what Puritans saw as the way to godliness and dispel common myths about their views on subjects such as drinking, sexuality, and dress. Click here for a 54-minute History Camp video of his talk.

(Above) Lee Wright, Founder and President of History Camp and Carrie Lund, Founder and Executive Director of The Pursuit of History, introduced Professor Bremmer and moderated the Q & A that followed.

Professor Bremmer begins by stating that the Puritans did not object to drinking, only excessive drinking, and that they generally wore clothing that was not black, except for formal occasions.

John Winthrop wrote often about the close physical relationship he had with his wife, Margaret, and celebrated sexuality between them.