November 2019

Paul Cote leads family members and Meetup group to Abram’s Rock in Swansea

Local historian and Bristol Community College faculty member Paul Cote conducted a four corners blessing at the top of Abram’s Rock in Village Park behind the Swansea Town Hall.on November 3, 2019. Starting at Village Park behind the Swansea Town Hall and Library, Paul led a group of 27 to Abram’s Rock, a large conglomerate stone outcropping in the […]

NEARA Conference explores early boundaries and indigenous migration patterns

About fifty members of the New England Antiquities Research Association held their fall conference at the Warwick Radisson Hotel on November 1st and 2nd, 2019. Much of the conference centered on the identification and preservation of ceremonial stone landscapes in New England but also featured an early video by Morse Payne on how town boundaries were laid out beginning […]