Hike the Mowry Path that Metacom, Weetamoe and their followers took to the Taunton River

Everett Castro of Green Futures led a three-hour, six-mile walk in the Watuppa Reservation along part of the Mowry Path that MetacomWeetamoe and their followers took at the start of King Philip’s War in June, 1675, to escape the English Militia that had pursued them to Mount Hope in present-day Bristol. The group stopped at King Philip’s Spring (number 9 on the map) where Philip and Weetamoe camped for three days before heading to Winslow’s Point on the Taunton River where they took mashoons at Tabadacason’s ferry to cross the Taunton River to escape to Nipmuc territory to the north. Everett pointed out one of the tall eastern white pine trees that grow in the forest that were used for ship’s masts in the 17th century as well as hickory nuts, one of the many food sources that can be found in the winter,

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