November 2019

Four women tour three indigenous locations in the Sowams Heritage Area

Four women, who call themselves the “Broad Scholars” and who explore various locations in Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts, joined Sowams Heritage Area Coordinator Dave Weed to explore some 17th century locations, including King’s Rock, in Swansea. The rock was known historically as the “National Grinding Stone” where indigenous women would grind their corn by rolling […]

City of East Providence celebrates Native American Heritage Month with the Pokanoket Tribe

Members of the Pokanoket Tribe appeared at the East Providence City Hall on November 20, 2019 to celebrate Native American Heritage Month. City Affirmative Action / EEO Officer Elmer C. Pina welcomed the audience and City Council President Robert Britto welcomed members of the Pokanoket, Narragansett and Seaconke Tribes to the event. Local historian and program coordinator David O’Connell then thanked everyone who […]

East Bay's Native history a labor of love for a Warren man

The Warren Times published an article on November 13, 2019 that described the efforts of Warren resident David Weed to establish a National Heritage Area that features local 17th century history. Editor Ted Hayes reported: “Places like Plymouth or the Great Swamp may get more attention, but a local historian says this area’s rich Native […]

17th century tour guides distributed in the eight Sowams communities

Discover the history of the Sowams Heritage Area and the story of East Bay, RI and nearby Massachusetts in the 17th century with this series of tour brochures from Sowams Heritage Area made possible with RICH grant funding. Thank you to WPS member David Weed for your dedication to this project. The six pocket-size tour […]

Council Oak in Somerset properly trimmed in 2015 ceremony

Fire Keeper for the Royal House of the Pokanokets, Dighton Intertribal Council, and Affiliated Tribes of New England, Gray Fox (Roger Desrosiers) spiritually cleansed the area around the 400 year old Council Oak on the property of Saint Thomas More Church at 386 Luther Ave, Somerset, MA on November 25, 2015. The tree is thought […]

Dr. Weed teaches about Sowams at the Barrington Learning Center

Dr. David Weed gave a 90-minute talk about the history of Sowams, the home of the Massasoit Osamequin in Warren and Barrington, to a group at the Barrington Learning Center on November 15, 2019. Weed described how the relationship between the Pokanoket natives and the English colonists insured their survival in the years following a 1621 treaty […]

Hike the Mowry Path that Metacom, Weetamoe and their followers took to the Taunton River

Everett Castro of Green Futures led a three-hour, six-mile walk in the Watuppa Reservation along part of the Mowry Path that Metacom, Weetamoe and their followers took at the start of King Philip’s War in June, 1675, to escape the English Militia that had pursued them to Mount Hope in present-day Bristol. The group stopped at King Philip’s Spring (number 9 on […]

DCR archaeologist describes the first people of Fall River to seniors

Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation Archaeologist Ellen Berkland introduced about forty seniors at the Second Half Lifelong Learning Center in Fall River to the first people who entered this region over 12,000 year ago at a presentation she gave on November 5, 2019. Ellen has been a practicing archaeologist for over 30 years, including work for […]