Burr’s Hill Park event promotes Sowams Heritage Area

People attending the popular Labor Day Weekend Family Fun Day held at Burr’s Hill Park in Warren, RI, were offered the opportunity to learn about the Sowams Heritage Area at a display manned by Project Coordinator David Weed. Dozens of people who live in Warren near the Park were able to learn about the reburial of the Massasoit Ousamequin at Burr’s Hill in May 2017 after 42 grave sites were exhumed in 1913. They also learned about over fifty locations in the area that evidence the 17th century during which the occupation of the land changed from members of Pokanoket Tribe to the English Colonists who first arrived in 1620. The display included information about the 52 locations that pre-date 1700 when the Pokanoket Tribe helped the Pilgrims survive and prosper prior to the outbreak of the King Philip War in 1675 which resulted in indigenous people being forced from the area. Today the Pokanoket Tribe is alive and well and plans to hold events at Burr’s Hill later this year and next prior to the 400th anniversary celebration of the landing of the Pilgrims in 1620.

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