Sowams article published in Prime Times free magazine

An article written by Project Coordinator David Weed about the development of the Sowams Heritage Area was published on-line today in Prime Times, a give-away magazine available in local stores.. In the article, Weed describes how he became interested in the 17th century history in and around Warren, RI, where he lives and went on to discover over fifty locations from that era. Working with Helen Hersh Tjader of Barrington, the two came up with the idea of creating a National Heritage Area similar to the Blackstone Valley Heritage Corridor north of Providence. They also partnered with members of the Pokanoket Tribe who are the descendants of the Massasoit who met the Pilgrims in 1621 and struck a peace treaty that lasted for over fifty years. The Tribe has done a number of presentations about their history and culture in schools around the eight Sowams communities from Providence to Bristol supported by a grant from the Rhode Island Council on the Humanities.

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