Walk of Pnieses Ceremony at Mount Hope in Bristol

The Pokanoket Tribe/Pokanoket Nation tribal members celebrated the Walk of the Pnieses with two young men who completed this tradition at their ancestral home of Potumtuk at Mount Hope in Bristol, RI, on August 4, 2019. Winter Hawk and Winding River were left alone at Potumtuck (Mt. Hope) for several days and where they performed other ceremonies. Members of the Tribe then  gathered at the Seat of the Massasoit where Sachem Dancing Star welcomed the Warriors back from their quest and to initiate them as men into the Tribe. Powwas Shining Heart laid hands on them during the ceremony, and Clan Grandmother, Wamsutta, welcomed them to the Tribe and invited them to pass the sacred pipe to the earth and sky in four directions.

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