Eliot Bible on display at the Natick History Society

A rare copy of a second edition of the Eliot Bible, printed in 1685 in Cambridge, was on display for one evening at an event at the Natick Historical Society on March 15, 2019. The event was part of a talk on the Power of Art by U.K. artists Neville and Joan Gabie who are sponsored by the National Trust to create art in response to rare books. Originally published in 1663 to help convert Native people to Christianity, most of the copies were destroyed in the King Philip War. Only 39 of 1,000 published are known to exist today. The Native language translation of the Scripture were done by Native people under Eliot’s supervision. The Bibles have been useful  for maintaining the Native language which was no longer spoken after the late 19th century. Click here for more photos and text.

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