Pokanoket Tribal Council discusses ways to portray Tribal history

Members of the Pokanoket Tribal Council met with Sowams Heritage Area Team Members Nancy Fallon, Carl Ferreira and Dave Weed to talk about ways that the Sowams Heritage Project can relate a more accurate and complete history of the Tribe than has been historically portrayed in the existing literature. Sagamore Po Wauipi Neimpaug, Tribal Council President Quogqueii Qunnegk, and Sachem Po Pummukaonk Anogqs suggested providing videos of personal narratives of Tribe members’ experiences as a way to help people understand the challenges they have each faced growing up. Dave Weed then offered to help set up programs to teach local school children about Tribal history and culture through presentations by members of the Tribe. Work is expected to begin on these two approaches early in the New Year.

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