Warren Heritage Foundation to consider interpretive sign for Burr’s Hill in Warren

Sowams Heritage Area Coordinator Dave Weed met with members of the Warren Heritage Foundation to discuss the production and placement of an interpretive sign at Burr’s Hill Park in Warren, RI. “The Park has tremendous historical value,” stated Weed, “but few people know anything about it.” The area was used as a gravel pit for the construction of the railroad built in 1851 which has since been converted to the East Bay Bike Path. It was also the site of a Pokanoket Tribal burial ground for at least 400 years. The contents of 42 graves exhumed in 1913 were returned to the location by the Wampanoag Repatriation Confederation in a ceremony in May of 2017. Weed has designed the contents of a 30 X 30″ interpretive sign that he hopes will be placed along Water Street next to the park so others will learn about this unique part of Warren.

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