17th Century MeetUp Group Finds Massasoit’s Home in Warren, RI

In the 19th century, Warren, RI, was purported to be the home of Massasoit based on Edward Winslow’s description of his journey from the Plymouth Colony to meet Massasoit in both in 1621 and in 1623. The 17th Century Rhode Island MeetUp group met to visit Burr’s Hill Park and the monument to Massasoit that sits above his burial remains that were returned to the Park in 2017. They also stopped to read the bronze plaque placed at the Massasoit Spring on Baker Street in 1907 and the frieze over the 1892 Town Hall building with its reference to Sowams before heading to the Charles Whipple Greene Museum on the second floor of the George Hail Library. There, items taken from American Aborigine graves in 1913 by the then Library Director Charles Carr had been kept before they were recently returned to Burr’s Hill. The group finished the two hour session by looking over a collection of stone tools that were found along the shore of the Kickemuit River in Warren over a century ago.

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