Swansea Historical Society Hears Sowams Presentation

Historical Society President Carl Becker welcomed members of the Swansea Historical Society on October 23, 2018 and introduced Dr. David Weed with whom he has worked on identifying 17th century historical sites in Swansea. Dr. Weed’s presentation included photos of the Old Eddy Burial Ground in the center of Swansea which contains graves of Eddy family members who were buried as early as 1687, King’s Rock and Sachem’s Knoll on Route 136 in Swansea that was used by Native people hundreds of years ago, and a photo of one of the bricks that Carl Becker pulled out of the Palmer River in Swansea near where William Cahoon established a brick works in 1673. Click here for more photos of the event and click here for a 45-minute video of the presentation.

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