Sowams Heritage Area Presented at Tockwotton

Speakers from the Sowams Heritage Area Project were invited by the East Providence Historical Society to offer a three-part presentation at Tockwotton on the Waterfront on October 22, 2018. After Historical Society Co-chair Nancy Moore introduced the program speakers to the audience in the Tockwotton theatre, Dave Weed began the program by talking about some of the early colonial experience, including how their animals often ravaged American Aboriginal gardens. Carl Ferreira then continued the program by talking about how the Doctrine of Discovery in 1493 served as the basis for the enslavement of American Aboriginal people, particularly following the King Philip War. Rock Singewald concluded the program by talking about the volunteer land preservation efforts through the various Land Conservation Trusts throughout the Sowams Heritage Area. Click here for more photos and text. Click here for a 30-minute video of the presentation.

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