Tourism presentation and workshop held at the Blackstone Valley Tourism Office

Dr. Tadayuki Hara, Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow at Dick Pope Sr. Institute for Tourism Studies gave a presentation on Tourism Satellite Accounting at the Blackstone Valley Visitor Center in Pawtucket, RI, on October 11, 2018. Sowams Heritage Area Project Coordinator David Weed attended the presentation in order to learn how best to develop tourism in the Sowams Heritage Area in the coming years. Dr. Hara and Dr. Weed pose for a photo following the presentation and workshop that followed with Blackstone Valley Tourism Council President Robert Billinton. Dr. Hara, who is one of the foremost experts on the policy and funding side of economic development of tourism and culture, pointed out that tourism accounts for about 17 percent of all dollars spent in the U.S. economy when all aspects of tourism dollars are accounted for. Click here for more photos and text about the event.

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  1. Thank you for attending Dave. Your participation was important to us. Tad did a marvelous job in Blackstone Valley and before the State Tourism Commission late last Friday.

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