Rock Singewald discusses link with land conservation trusts

Sowams Heritage Area Project Coordinator Dave Weed recently sat down with Rock Singewald, who sits on the board of the Warren Land Conservation Trust, to discuss how the Trust can best honor the traditional ownership of the lands that the Trust now has under conservation. In addition to land at Jacob’s Point, the Trust will soon have ownership of Warren land along the east shore of the Palmer River. As these lands were once the homeland of Ousamequin, the Massasoit of the Pokanoket people who lived here for 12,000 years, he explored ways that the Trust could acknowledge this history. Dave and Rock brainstormed how the Trust could link with the Sowams Project and vice versa so that those who access those lands would also learn about those early indigenous people and the history of how the colonists occupied the land in the 17th century. Dave expressed his desire to develop links with other land trust organizations in the Sowams Heritage Area and would like them to contact him at

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