East Providence Historical Commission gets an update on Sowams

Members of the East Providence Historical Commission invited Dr. Weed to a meeting to receive an update on the Sowams Heritage Area Project, including plans for a launch event on September 9th at the John Hunt House headquarters of the East Providence Historical Society. A planning meeting for that event will be scheduled for late July, He also described the upcoming 17th Century Rhode Island MeetUp events that will begin with a two-hour talk on Roger Williams at the Roger Williams Memorial on June 24th. Soon after that, work will begin on getting video shots from a drone that will do flyovers over various parts of the eight Sowams communities that will be used in future promotional videos Dr. Weed will also be attending a Plymouth 400 planning event on June 23rd to see how that event might be able to coordinate with the Sowams Heritage Area Project over the next two years.

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