May 2018

Ted Ballard describes the archaeology and early history of Rehoboth

Retired engineer Ted Ballard began his work in archaeology in 1993 in conjunction with the Massachusetts Archaeological Society headquartered at the Robbins Museum in Middleborough. Ted sat down with Sowams Heritage Area Coordinator Dr. David Weed at Ted’s house in Rehoboth  to talk about the geology of the area and the settlements of early people in […]

Rev. Dr. Charles Hartman meets with Dr. Weed

Rev. Dr. Charles Hartman, co-author of Baptists in Early North America-Swansea with William Brackney, met with Sowams Heritage Area Coordinator Dr. David Weed to work on the development of a website on Nockum Hill and the early Baptists in Swansea, MA. Dr. Hartman is an expert on the founding and history of the founding of the […]

Dr. Weed talks about Sowams at the Celebrating Rehoboth Through Genealogy event

  Sowams Heritage Area Coordinator Dr. David Weed spoke with participants about 17th century maps at the Celebrating Rehoboth Through Genealogy event at the Carpenter Museum on May 12, 2018. Presentations by both Rhode Island Historical Society Librarian Phoebe Bean and Dr. J. Stanley Lemons referred to important historical events in 17th century Rehoboth. At […]

Meeting with Pokanoket Tribal Council Members

Members of the Pokanoket Tribal Council, including Po Wauipi Neimpaug, Sagamore,of the Pokanoket Nation, William Guy, met for three hours with Sowams Heritage Area Project Coordinator David Weed. Dr. Weed reviewed the purpose of the project to help the public better understand the events of the 17th century and the transition from Indigenous control to colonial […]

Church historian describes 17th century church in Bristol

Bristol First Congregational Church Historian Dyan Vaughn met with Sowams Heritage Area Project Coordinator Dave Weed to describe the early history of the Church which was organized in 1680. Its first meeting house was constructed in 1684 on the Town Commons, and its present building is on High Street where items from the original Church […]

Meeting with John Chaney of the Massasoit Historical Association

Sowams Heritage Area Coordinator Dave Weed met with Massasoit Historical Society Trustee John Chaney at the George Hail Library in Warren, RI. The Society began in 1950s,when it made arrangements for sheep to graze in the North Burial Grounds. Later, it ran the Museum of the George Hail Free Library. The Association charges itself with the […]

Helen Hersh Tjader Tells the Untold Story of Sowams in East Providence

Sowams Heritage Area Team Member Helen Hersh Tjader presented a one-hour talk on “Sowams – The Untold Story” at the East Providence Public Library. Emphasizing the wonderful natural resources of the land and water in the area, Helen told the story of how the land has been transformed into the communities we see today. She […]