Walk to Margaret’s Cave

Birch Swamp Road resident and Providence College faculty member Dr. Keith Morton (left) and Barrington physicain Charles McCoy, MD, (right) invited Sowams Heritage Area Team Members Greg Spiess (center), Helen Hersh Tjader and Dave Weed to walk to Margaret’s Cave and hike through the nearby property owned by Dr. McCoy that was the likely site of the Massasoit’s winter campground in the early 1600s. History records that Roger Williams spent the winter of 1636 at Margaret’s Cave recovering from illness that he acquired when he walked to what is now Warren, RI and Swansea, MA following his banishment from Salem, MA. On the nearby property of Chace Farm can be found Wigwam Hill and an aboriginal birthing area near a large boulder as well as several ancient white oak trees some of which could have been there in the 1600s.

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