Meeting with Pokanoket Tribal Members

Five members of the Pokanoket tribe met with Sowams Heritage Area project team members David Weed and Helen Tjader at the Barrington Public Library. Tribal members were invited by Po Wauipi Neimpaug, Sagamore, or Chief, of the Pokanoket Nation, William Guy who was unable to attend due to family illness. David and Helen began the meeting by describing the purpose of the project to raise public awareness of the evolution from Native land to English colonial land from 1621 to 1675. They pointed out that the story is primarily told from the colonial side and that the voices of the Pokanoket tribe are needed as well and asked tribal members to review the web site and to get back with suggested changes or additions to what we have so that the tribe’s voice is heard.Altogether, this meeting was a terrific start to a long-term working relationship that we hope to have over the coming years as we seek to make a Sowams Heritage Area a reality.

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