Survey of King’s Rock, Warren

Johnson’s Market owner Tim Johnson and D’Allesandro Farm owner Susan Langmack were joined by Helen Tjader, Greg Spiess, Dave Weed, and Swansea Historical Society Director Carl Becker on January 20, 2018 to survey King’s Rock on Wigwam Hill as part of a planned submission of an application for a National Historic Site designation. The Rock, that runs for 220 feet along the western side of Route 136 (Market Street) straddling the Massachusetts-Rhode Island border, has been described in historical literature as the “National Grinding Mill” of the Wampanoags. The site was also described as one of the first locations of King Philip’s War that the English militia passed on their way from the Myles Garrison on the Palmer River to Mount Hope in present-day Bristol in search of King Philip’s warriors. The Rock is located about a half mile east of Margaret’s Rock where Roger Williams was nursed back to health by Massasoit’s tribal members on his way from Salem, MA to Omega Pond in present-day East Providence in the winter of 1636.


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