18th Annual Spring Thaw Powwow at Brown University

Click here for an eight-minute video of the 18th Annual Spring Thaw Powwow! held at the Pizzitola Sports Complex at Brown University on April 20, 2019.


Brown Class of 2016 graduate Niyo Moraza-Keeswood and Class of 2021 undergrad Keanu Hunter, above, worked with Native Americans at Brown (NAB) to organize the day-long event.

Pokanoket Tribe member Barefoot and Brave Heart, above, participate in one of the intertribal dances that were held throughout the afternoon in the field house due to the rain outdoors.

One of the women participates first with her daughter and then alone during one of the Eastern Blanket dance contests held that afternoon.

Tribal members from throughout the region dance to drummers and singers from the Iron River, Silver Cloud, Pine Tree and Eastern Sun groups.


Ron Perry plays an Indian flute during the meal break after two of the children participate in one of the Junior dance contests.