17th century virtual tour of the Old Colony Museum in Taunton



(Above, left) Director of Programs, Exhibitions and Community Partnerships for the Massachusetts Historical Society, Gavin Kleespies, moderated the hour-long zoom virtual tour of the Old Colony History Museum in Taunton, MA on August 13, 2020. Click here for the one-hour YouTube video of the virtual tour.  (Above, right) The Museum collection contains one of the many pieces of Plymouth Rock that were distributed after half of the original rock was accidentally blown apart.


(Above) Museum Director Katie MacDonald begins the tour by pointing out a whetstone in their collection thought to belong to Plymouth Pilgrim Myles Standish.


(Above) Collection Curator Bronson Michaud points out other 17th century pieces, including a piece of bog iron that was produced in an early forge located in Taunton in the mid 1600s.


(Above, left) A paining on a wooden overmantle depicts some of the 17th century houses that used to stand on the Town Green, none of which survive today. (Above, right) A sculpture of an alewife is on display to illustrate the abundance of the fish in the Taunton River during the 17th century.

Click here for the one-hour YouTube video of the tour.