17th Century Meetup group explores Anawan Rock with Naturalist Don Doucette

(Above) Naturalist Don Doucette of South Attleborough spoke at Anawan Rock for the first 17th Century Rhode Island Meetup event this year. The event had been scheduled for April but had to be postponed because of Covid-19. Click here for the 27-minute video of his talk.


(Above) Meetup participants climbed the high rock that overlooks the Squannakonk Swamp where Anawan’s warriors were hiding at the close of King Philip’s War when Col. Benjamin Church discovered and attacked them in August, 1676, thus ending the War.


(Above) Pokanoket Tribe Member Yvonne “Storyteller” Birgadano reads a notebook left by a geocache group as Coy “Listening Wind”, and Meetup members Toyoko and Richard join her. Sowams Heritage Area Project Coordinator David Weed then reads a selection describing the capture of Anawan from the 1999 book, King Philip’s War by Eric Schultz and Michael Tougias. Click here for the ten-minute video of his talk.


(Above) Naturalist Don Doucette relates his knowledge and experience with the terrain around the Rock and some of his archaeological work on the Tobey Site in Rehoboth. Click here for the 27-minute video of his talk.


(Above) Yvonne Birgadano and John Buchannon stop at the nearby site of the 17th Century Iron Works on the Palmer River where John discovered a piece of iron slag produced by the Iron Works in the mud nearby.