17th Century Bristol the subject of a Historical & Preservation Society Drop-in

The Bristol Historical & Preservation Society held a two-hour drop-in event on the 17th century at the Society headquarters at 48 Court Street in Bristol on September 29, 2018.

Former Bristol resident Harold Crowley drove down from Quincy to attend the drop-in and learn some of the American Aboriginal history around the Bristol Narrows where he used to play as a child.


Sowams Heritage Area Project Coordinator Dr. David Weed showed pictures and described the major events that occurred around Bristol in the 1600s. The pictures are all on the video from an earlier presentation.


Dr. Weed pointed out some of the reasons that the King Philip War broke out in nearby Warren and ended near Mount Hope Farm in Bristol in 1676.


The event concluded with a walk to the First Congregational Church on High Street in Bristol where Church member Sandra Patterson opened the Church Museum.


Bristol Historical & Preservation Society President Juan Mariscal, left, looks over the collection while Harold Crowley and Society Treasurer Clifford Morey look at a photo of the pew end (in the right-hand photo) in a book by Yale University Press before Dr. Weed tells some stories about the early Church.

[Some photos by Juan Mariscal]