Inclusion Criteria

In order to be considered for inclusion in the Sowams Heritage Area indexed listing at the top of each page, locations in the Cities of Providence and East Providence and the towns of Barrington, Bristol, Rehoboth, Seekonk, Swansea and Warren should meet one of the following criteria:

Farms and Natural Settings – Farms that started prior to 1700 and natural areas (e.g. open space, land trusts, recreation areas,

                                      preserves, state woods) that have not been developed since 1700

First Period Houses – Existing houses that evidence construction prior to 1700. These may be either

                                       private or open to the public

Burial Grounds – Aboriginal burial grounds and English cemeteries with at least one recorded

                               burial prior to 1700

Aboriginal Heritage Sites – Locations that have associations with recorded American Aborigine history or oral

                                         tradition from prior to 1700 or have archaeological evidence of aboriginal occupation

Historic Markers – Monuments and other markers that refer to events prior to 1700

Historic Parks – National, state and local parks  and memorials that celebrate events prior to 1700

Historic Churches – Religious institutions that located buildings in the Sowams area prior to 1700