Wannamoisett Marker

This granite marker sits in the sidewalk next to the Silver Spring Golf Course on the west side of Pawtucket Avenue at the end of Wheeler Avenue in East Providence, RI.It marks the original boundary between the Wannamoisett section of the Pokanoket settlement of “Sowams” in 1620 purchased by John Browne from the Massasoit Osamequin in 1643, and the town of Rehoboth.


When heading north, the marker is on the left side of Pawtucket Avenue at Wheeler Avenue. When heading south a marker for the 1642 Rehoboth town line on the right side.


The marker is just north of the entrance to the Silver Spring Golf Club which is open to the public.


Professor Burton Van Edwards describes the Wannamoisett Purchase from the Massasoit and the beginnings of Barrington. Click here for a 12-minute video of a portion of his presentation. Click on the map for a larger view.

Click here for a page on the InTheDayRI Facebook page describing the history of the marker.

Click on the map below for a Google satellite map.

Parking is available at the Silver Spring Golf Course. The marker is about 100 yards to the north.