Sowams Site Location Maps & Brochures

Interactive Map of Sowams Locations

Click on the map below to link to the web pages of each of the locations on the web site.


Printable Site Location Maps

The map on the top left shows the location of Sowams in 1600. The next two maps show the approximate locations of Heritage Area sites that are described on this web site, and the one on the bottom right shows some locations as illustrations. Click on any map for a larger version.



Click below for a Sowams Heritage Area Photo Poster

17th Century Sowams Heritage Area Maps

Sowams Heritage Area Brochure


    Click here for the map in a printable 2-sided, 2-fold pdf brochure.








  Click here for Sowams Heritage Area Rack Card

  Click here for a printable 2-sided pdf Sowams Heritage Area Location Card (3 up)

Sowams Heritage Area Tour Guides

Any of these ten Tour Guides can be read on-line or printed on both sides of legal length paper and folded. More information is available on the TOURS page.