VisitRhodeIsland Director, Mark Brodeur, partners with the Sowams Heritage Area

VisitRhodeIsland Director of Tourism, Mark Brodeur, met with Sowams Heritage Area Project Director Dave Weed to talk about ways they could partner to connect tourists with the 17th century in the East Bay and nearby Massachusetts. Mark invited Dave to develop half-day guided tours of both Providence and of the East Bay that would reveal […]

Steering Committee reviews recent Sowams Heritage Area Project progress

Members of the Steering Committee, including (left to right) Carl Becker, Keith Morton, Dave Norton, Dave Weed, Rock Singewald and Doug Blum (not pictured) met at the Barrington Library to review recent progress on the Sowams Heritage Area Project. After an update on a set of eight proposed interpretive signs (shown in the photo), they […]

The History of Sowams presented at the George Hail Library

Over forty people came to hear an hour-long presentation entitled “The History of Sowams, the 17th century home of Massasoit” held at the George Hail Library in Warren. Dr. David Weed, Coordinator of the Sowams Heritage Area Project talked about how he got involved in the project and then shared much of what he has […]

Bonnie Warren edits part of the Sowams Interpretive Plan

Bonnie Warren, who initiated the Historic Preservation Program at Roger Williams University and who worked for many years for the Rhode Island Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission, agreed to review and edits portions of the draft Sowams Heritage Area Interpretive Plan that Project Coordinator David Weed is preparing. “As always, Bonnie provided some critical corrections […]

Hamilton House Adult Learning Exchange hears about Sowams

Over thirty people at Hamilton House Adult Learning Exchange on the East Side of Providence attended a one-hour presentation on “Rediscovering 17th Century Rhode Island in the Sowams Heritage Area” to learn how that history shaped life in Rhode Island. “If you don’t know what happened here 400 years ago, you’ll never understand what’s going […]

Sowams Heritage Area presented to the Warren Town Council

Newly elected and re-elected members of the Warren Town Council heard a brief presentation on the creation of a Sowams Heritage Area that would include the Town of Warren and seven other communities in East Bay Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts once fully developed. Coordinator David Weed and Team Member Rock Singewald described the project, […]

Janaya Kizzie creates an interactive map of the Sowams Heritage Area

Professional archivist and librarian Janaya Kizzie created an interactive map of the Sowams Heritage Area for the website. She made a connection for each of the 51 locations so anyone can click on the location on the map and bring up the web page that describes it. Besides being very talented, Janaya also happens to […]

Mashapaug Nahaganset Sachem discusses links with the Sowams Heritage Area Project

Mashapaug Nahaganset Sachem Raymond Two Hawks Watson, who is working on a regional Cultural Equity Meshanticut Initiative, met with Sowams Heritage Area Project Coordinator Dave Weed to talk about potential linkages between the two projects. They discussed how a larger project would bring in more potential participants who could then attract a larger audience, including […]

Pokanoket Tribal Council discusses ways to portray Tribal history

Members of the Pokanoket Tribal Council met with Sowams Heritage Area Team Members Nancy Fallon, Carl Ferreira and Dave Weed to talk about ways that the Sowams Heritage Project can relate a more accurate and complete history of the Tribe than has been historically portrayed in the existing literature. Sagamore Po Wauipi Neimpaug, Tribal Council […]