Carl Ferreira describes the Native American rocks on the Pocasset Ridge Trail

  A balanced or perched rock sits atop two smaller rocks 

Click here for a 12-minute video of the stones on the Pocasset Ridge Trail in Tiverton described by Carl Ferreira.


Carl describes the stones on the Pocasset Ridge Trail that he believes held special significance for the Native American people who occupied the land.


The two-mile trail leads to several rocks, one of which on the left can be rocked to produce a drumming sound that can be heard at great distances.


Carl examines another rock perched on a granite outcropping as well as rocks piled in undulating shapes that mimic a snake and that would have been useless to retain farm animals.


Carl examines another rock formation that may have been used for healing ceremonies as well as a field of smaller rocks that litter the crest of the hill.

Click here to see a perched rock along Route 136 (Market Street) in Swansea across from Johnson’s Market.

Click here for a 35-minute video on Native American ceremonial landscapes by Doug Harris of the Narragansett Tribe.