Ceremonial stones and aboriginal implements found in Sowams

In October, 1924, the Rhode Island Historical Society published an article entitled “The Implements Found in Rhode Island.”. It described a number of stone implements and tools that had been discovered across Rhode Island in the previous 200 years. Included were a soapstone “mask” carved into the bottom of a soapstone bowl found at Field’s Point in Providence and a stone head found in an Indian grave on the Hugh Cole Farm in Warren, RI., now on display in the Charles Whipple Greene Museum on the second floor of the George Hail Library. The Royal Burial Ground at Burr’s Hill contained hundreds of artifacts that were placed in the graves. Included among them was a pestle with a carved figure of a bear at one end and a soapstone pipe with the carved figure of a bear on the bowl. An inscribed stone on display at the Old Colony History Museum in Taunton, MA, contains a number of symbols that have been translated by Russell Gardner in 1992.


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